“Our mission is to promote the intellectual, emotional and social growth of every child who enters our building”

“Notre mission est de promouvoir le développement intellectuel, émotionel et social de chaque élève qui entre chez nous.”

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Deadline for Massey School Clothing Order


October 6th is the final day to get your Massey School
clothing orders in!


If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form that your students brought home
and attach a cheque payable to Massey School by Thursday October 6th, 2016.

Orders are expected to arrive in December.

If you have any questions, please ask Mme Exner (keltie.exner@rbe.sk.ca) or Mme Sweeney
(stefanie.sweeney@rbe.sk.ca) or call the school (306-791-8504)

Empowering Healthy Youth Forum

10/18/2016 6:30 pm

Regina Public Schools, in partnership with Regina Police, Red Cross and Regina Qu'Appelle Health,
are holding an Empowering Healthy Youth Forum on 
October 18th for all Regina Public Schools parents,
caregivers and staff to learn more about promoting healthy relationships with and between youth.

Topics include:

  *   HYR: Giving Consent
  *   Digital Citizenship/Cyber Bullying
  *   Parents Kids and Drugs
  *   Beyond the Hurt : Healthy Relationships for Younger Students


Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

6:30 - 8:45 p.m.

Campus Regina Public

(1069 14th Ave E)

Please see attached poster for more information.

Orange Shirt Day - September 30th - Every Child Matters

September 30th has been declared Orange Shirt Day annually, in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children's sense of self-esteem and well being, and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters. 


To show support, please send your child in an orange shirt on September 30th. 

Fall Work-Bee September 17 from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Let’s take advantage of this wonderful weather and make Massey look beautiful!


We invite you to join us for our Fall Work-Bee taking place Saturday Septmeber 17th from 9:00am to 12:00pm.


There are some flower beds that are in desperate need of weeding and some staining on the north side of the school (behind the portable classrooms)

that we would like to get done. Please bring your garden tools, gloves and painting clothes if you are able to participate!


Together, we can have a beautiful school!

See you Saturday



Regina Transit Safe Bus Program - Good information to share with your children!

The Safe Bus program is a community partnership between the Regina Transit, Crime Stoppers, and the Regina Police Service external link icon.

The Safe Bus program provides a safe haven for anyone who is in need of help. If you are lost, hurt or in trouble, flag down a Regina Transit bus, or get on at any bus stop.

Trained transit personnel have direct 9-1-1 access and can help mobilize the appropriate community resources to provide assistance. You DO NOT need to pay a fare to get help through the Safe Bus program.AUS_6781

Teach your children that if they are lost, cold, frightened or hurt, they can hold up their hand (palm facing out) in the direction of an approaching bus to signal the driver that they need help. Bus operators are trained to recognize this as a sign of distress and will stop to help your child.

You can download Regina Transit’sSafe Bus Colouring and Activity Book  to help explain the Safe Bus program to your child.

First day of school... here's what's happening!

We look forward to seeing all of our students and new students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 at École Massey on Thursday morning, September 1st.  Kindergarten students have a staggered start.  We invite Kindergarten parents to find the date their child is attending in the letter that was sent out in June 2016.  If you were not registered by the end of June, please call the office to know if your child starts school on Thursday or Friday.

First Day of School Procedures:

All of our students including Kindergarten students will be meeting their teachers at the back of the school on the playground.  All teachers will be there to greet students and lead them to their appropriate grade grouping.  The class lists will be posted on the walls of the school. This is the same procedure we used last year.  If your child is new to the school, please have him/her follow this procedure.  Whether your child is riding the bus, walking or being driven to school, direct him/her to walk to the back of the school and look for class lists on the wall.  If your child cannot read, have them look for smaller students and head in that direction.  Teachers and teacher assistants will be looking for students who do not know where to go.  Your child will find a home.  Encourage your child to ask for help if they are confused.  We will have bus monitors to help direct new students to the appropriate area on the playground.


School Day:

The school day is as follows:       

      Supervision of students - 8:40

      School begins - 8:53

      Morning recess - 10:15-10:30

      Lunch hour - 11:45-12:30

      Lunch recess- 12:30-12:45

      Afternoon classes begin - 12:45

      Afternoon recess - 2:00-2:15

      School ends - 3:37 

Lunchroom:  To start the year, students will be allowed to stay for lunch for Sept. 1st and 2nd as we send out and collect the lunchroom forms.  On Sept. 1st all children from Grade 1 to Grade 8 will receive a personalized lunchroom form and parent letter.  The turnaround time to return these forms is extremely short.  We ask that the lunchroom form be returned on Sept. 2nd at the latest.  All students must return a lunchroom form as the information collected is necessary to the organization of our lunchrooms going forward. Thank-you in advance for your attention to this important form. There are no microwaves in the classrooms/lunchrooms.  Please send warm food in a thermos.  Please send your child with utensils as they are not provided.

We wish everyone a great first day of school.  See you on Thursday.

Mme LeBlanc-Fortier


École Massey School

Congratulations Mme. Archambault, our award winning kindergarten teacher!

Mme. Archambault has been chosen as a recipient of the Regina Board of Education 2016 Shared Values Recognition Program Award.

Our school community is united by four shared values statements, I belong; I want to know; I am responsible; and I respect. These values give direction to what is taught inside and outside the classroom. Students take responsibility for themselves and for others in the community by participating in a ride-range of activities. Shared Values transcend our differences and provide an equal opportunity to recognize and encourage the unique characteristics and contributions of students, parents/caregivers and staff.

Thank you for teaching these important values to our children Mme. Archambault!

 From all the staff, students, and parents at Ecole Massey, we extend huge congratulations for this achievement!

Changes to Regina Public School SCHOOL BOUNDARIES (Realignment of School Attendance Areas): June 2 UPDATE:

Changes to school boundaries


You can also find this information online at www.rbe.sk.ca

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Dear parents of École Massey School,


As we look forward to the 2016-2017 school year, it is important to clarify some details about changes to boundaries that may impact Massey students, as the new joint school in Harbour landing opens in 2017-2018. The information will be of particular interest to parents of younger children and students in the early grades.


Students who are registered at École Massey School in Kindergarten and Grade 1 for the 2016-2017 school year and who reside in the new school boundary, have the option to attend either program in 2017.   Bussing will be provided only to the new school unless the student (K or Gr. 1) has an older sibling currently attending Massey and will therefore be grandfathered for transportation services. Please check the Regina Public Schools for all current boundary maps at this link: https://www.rbe.sk.ca/news/2016/01/new-school-announcements-2017.


This grandfather clause allows children from the same family to attend the same school with transportation services if required. The intent of this exception is to continue these children’s education in the same school until their elementary school years are completed. It is important to note that once the older siblings have left the school, if there is an address change, the new boundary rules would apply.

Students who reside in the new boundary area for the Harbour Landing school may choose to remain at École Massey School as an out-of-area student; however, no transportation services will be provided as per established procedures.


In the case of childcare, students who attend a childcare facility within the new boundaries of École Massey School can be provided with bussing (if the student qualifies). If childcare arrangements change and the child is no longer attending a childcare facility within the École Massey School boundaries, then the out-of area procedures come into effect.


I hope this helps explain some of the changes that parents and students may see as as result of the new École Massey boundary changes.



Mme LeBlanc-Fortier

Principal   École Massey School




Did you know?.....You can 'Take a book.  Leave a book.' ....at our COMMUNITY SCHOOL LIBRARY???

The Community Library is located just inside the front doors of Ecole Massey School

Books in BOTH English & French!

Spring Cleaning?....Drop any books your children have outgrown....

....Pick up some 'NEW' books your child might be interested in!


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