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Chess, Battle of the Books, Debate, Concours d'art oratoire (public speaking)

We have a number of students who have been very successful in their areas of interest in the last few months.


Battle of the Books

We had two teams participating in Battle of the Books at Jack McKenzie School.  Our Grade 5 team consisiting of Grace, Ivy, Claire and Kaelyn did very well in placing 4th among all of the teams.  Our Grade 8 team consisting of Don Yi, Madison and Iliyana placed 1st in the competition. Congratulations to them. Thank-you to Mme Erin Betson for the work that she did in preparing our students for this competition.


Concours d'art oratoire

Six of our students participated in the French public speaking City Finals at École Wilfrid Walker School.The students did a wonderful job of preparing for this competition.  In Grade 6, Chan Min Roh came in 1st place and Emily S. came in 3rd.  In Grade 7, Sara S. came in 1st and Mathieu G. came in 2nd.  Our Grade 8 students represented École Massey very well. The students who came in first and second will move on to the provincial finals in Saskatoon.


Provincial Championship for the Saskatchewan Debate Clubs

Two of our Grade 6 students have achieved excellent results in the provincial championships for debate held in Saskatoon.  Chan Min Roh and Isfar Chowdhury placed 3rd province wide as a beginner debate team.  Chan Min placed 1st province wide in the individual speaker category and Isfar placed 3rd.  These boys have made great strides in their first year of debate.  We would like to thank Brittany and Brandon for their leadership.  We hope to have Campbell students to help us again next year to keep our debate club going.  If we have some parents who would be interested in coaching the students we would love to hear from you.W



Provincial Chess Tournament

A number of Massey students participated in the Provincial Chess Competition in Saskatoon.  Among the winners we have Nathan F. who finished in 2nd place in Grade 8,  Ilyana K. who finished in 3rd place in Grade 8, Atanis K. who finished in 2nd place in Grade 6 amd Josh S. who finished in 2nd place in Grade 5.  Congratulations to all of these students.  We would like to thank Eldon Soifer and Francine Brassard for their consistant support of these students and our school chess club who met almost every WWednesday since the month of October.


We are very proud to have many students participating in various areas of interests.  These oppportunities provide them with an outlet for their particular skills and interests.

Congratulations to our Girls' Basketball Team

École Massey School`s girls`basketball team has enjoyed great success this year.  The girls have represented École Massey very well in both the regular school league and the Basketball Beat tournament.  On belhalf of the staff, students and the school community, I would like to congratulate the girls`basketball team and the coaches, Mme Reed and Mme Wihak, for their wonderful accomplishments this year.  The girls`team won the gold medal at Basketball Beat earlier in Februrary.  This is the first time that École Massey has won this tournament since its inception approximately 25 years ago.  Quite an accomplishment!  The girls also came in first overall in the City A Basketball Championship.  École Massey girls have won only once before when the Gr. 8 students were attending Cambell Collegiate.  Therefore, École Massey`s name did not appear on this trophy before the win last week.  Once again, quite an accomplishment.  This has been an exciting season.

Parent Information Night -Cyberbullying at École Wilfrid Walker on Thursday March 28th 7 pm to 8 pm

The École Wilfrid Walker School Community Council invites you to a Parent Information Night on Cyberbullying.  The presentation is ideally suited to parents of children in Grade 4 to 6.  The guest speakers are as follows:

Conatables Shaun Young and Tyler Lenius, Regina City Police

The points they will discuss are the following:

-Cyberbullying-Defining what it is and explaining how it works

-Regina`s Anti-bullying bylaw

-Cyberbullying presentation and internet safety

-Signs that a parent should be aware of if their child is a victim of cyberbullying


Janice Taylor- CEO, Ginger Braaten- executive Dierctor, Just Be Friends ( mission of Just Be Friends is to spread positive, healthy friendship and the roles parents play in that social development. She will focu on the following:

-What is going on in the majority of the sites and what they need to know about those impacts.

-How parents can better prepare/arm their children to deal with these social impacts and the role parents need to play both online/offline.

-Why the parents need to take an active role earlier and earlier in the social education of their children online, the shordt and long term implications of this new era of kids and technology.


Thank-you to our our many SCC and Parent Volunteers! You Are Wonderful!

On behalf of the staff and students of École Massey School, I would like to thank everyone who cooked soup and bannock for our special day last Friday.  The students and staff had more than their fill of soup and bannock.  Thank-you to the parents who helped to deliver the left over soup to Albert School for their hot lunch program.  They are also very appreciative.


Thank-you to the parents who sent in treats all week for the staff appreciation week.  The goodies and muffins were delicious.  Thank-you to all of the parents who helped during the Teacher Appreciation Work Day.  All of your help to reorganize the materials in the Opportunity Room was very helpful.  The teachers always appreciate the help that is given on a monthly basis to help with laminating and creating teacher and student resources.

Joyeux Carnaval!


Please note that this is Carnaval week.  Please take a look at the School Events Calendar to keep up with upcoming events, including Carnaval events this week.  Please join the fun if you can.

Hello everyone

Thank-you so much to everyone who was able to donate a gently used or new backpack to share with our friends at École Kitchener School.  We wer able to collect approximately 40 backpacks.

We are also collecting gently used books fro children of all ages for our friends at Ktichener School.  Please drop these books off at the office.  Thank-you so much for your help.

Please also note that this is the "Fill the Cap for Muscular Dystrophy" week.  Students are asked to bring change to fill a swim cap in their classroom in the name of sara and Ethan Sutherland's 3 year old cousin who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.


Welcome Back to École Massey School in 2013!

Bienvenue à tous pour la nouvelle année de 2013!  Welcome back to École Massey School for 2013!

We look forward to a wonderful start up in January.  The weather is cooperating.  We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.  We  look forward to seeing all of the students and all of you again this week.

January is always a wonderful month for getting back to the learning program in the school.  This is a month with fewer interruptions where lots of learning takes place. Teachers and students will be engaged in numerous projects and learning oppportunities.

Many of our school clubs and activities will be resuming and a few new clubs will be starting up.  The boys and girls basketball teams will be up and running.  The chess cllub will resume.  The ACT (Anti-Racism and Cross Cultural Awareness team) is in full force.  The debate club will be resuming.  The CAM/MAC team will be resuming.  The Junior Choir will be starting up for Grades 1 to 4 students on Fridays at noon. The Battle of the Books is on.  The Concours Oratoire (French pulbic speaking) preparations will begin.  Students will be resuming all of their responsibilities as leaders in the school.

Please take the time to complete the New Report Card Survey that you can find on the first block of the Home Page.  Your feedback is very important. Please take time to look at the new additions in the News section.  A number of slide shows and news items will be posted in the next few months.

Mme LeBlanc
École Massey School

Best wishes for the holdiay season

On behalf of the staff and students, Mme Betson and I send you our best wishes

for a healthy and happy holiday season.  Enjoy your time together with family and friends.

We look forward to seeing all of you back safe and sound in the new year.

Dismissal time on December 21st is 2:30.  Classes resume on Monday, January 7th at 9 a.m.

Review and Clarification of Boot Removal and Door Exit Procedures (Nov. 23, 2012)

Review and Clarification of Boot Removal and Door Exit Procedures (November 23, 2012)

Over the last week, we have seen a marked improvement in the cleanliness of the school. We congratulate the students for responding to our requests to ensure that boots are removed upon entering the school. They have demonstrated responsibility and respect for their school.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the staff and students to thank Massey parents for working with us to help keep our school clean. Although it may have been an inconvenience or a change in the last two weeks, we thank the parents who were picking up their children at school for making different arrangements with your children for pick-up spots. We also thank parents for removing their outdoor footwear when they come into the school. It is much appreciated.

Over the last week, I have had discussions with a few parents about misunderstandings regarding the use of the front door. Some of the concerns that we discussed further were: our intent for the tightening up of the boot removal and door exit procedures; safety of students during cold weather; and the safety of our younger students.   It was apparent that we all agree that it is important to respect our school building and the people in it by keeping it clean.

As a staff, we met last week to review, to clarify and to tweak the procedures for developing responsible and respectful behaviour towards our school facility. Please note the following description of the updated procedure. If you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Thank-you for your continued support.


Revised procedure for Use of Front Door and Assigned Doors and Removal of Outdoor Footwear

(Nov. 23, 2012)

No boots or outdoor shoes are to be worn in the school at any time. A few chairs have been placed in the front entrance to facilitate boot removal. A large sign has been ordered to place near the front entrance as a reminder to respect the school and the people who use the school by removing outdoor footwear. More boot racks have been ordered for the front entrance to keep the entrance safe for people who are coming in and out.

In case of very cold weather (-25), the back doors will be unlocked from 8:45 to 9:15 to ensure that all students can come into the school to be warm and safe. Doors will also be unlocked from 3:30 to 3:45 to ensure that students have many doors to access the school in case of cold weather. As always, on very cold days, students will be staying indoors at recess. Please keep in mind that that the front door is always open and unlocked. Safety is number one. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather as students will be required to go outside on regular winter days.


Use of Front Doors and Assigned Doors from 8:45 to 9:00 a.m.

In the morning, in most instances, students are asked to go around the school to join their classmates at the back of the school where there is supervision between 8:45 and 9:00 a.m.

If a student needs to use the front door for any of the following reasons or similar reasons, please remember to remove your outdoor footwear at the front door.

If a student needs to leave heavy items at the door (band instrument, backboards or presentation materials, etc.), the student is asked to come into the school by the front door, place items near the office and then exit the school out the front door to make his/her way to the back of the school to join classmates.

If a student is late, he/she is asked to use the front door because the back doors are locked once all the students have entered the school.

If a student is meeting their teacher or participating in a club or on a sport’s team, the student is asked to use the front door and go directly to their activity where there is supervision. Students should not be going to their classroom.


Use of Front Doors and Assigned Doors During the School Day:

Students who are meeting their parents during the school day can leave through the front door or through their assigned door. For safety reasons, parents are asked to sign their son or daughter out at the office before leaving the school. This procedure was put in place during the last school year as a safety measure. Please contact Mme Philippe if you need clarification.

Some parents have made arrangements with their child’s classroom teacher or with the administration to have their child leave the school during the day without a parent for specific regular activities. We ask that the child stop at the office to sign out so that Mme Philippe knows that the student is leaving the school. This type of communication is important in order to avoid confusion about your child’s whereabouts.

Band students are asked to use the front door going to and from band classes at Campbell Collegiate. The Parker Street doors are to be used by staff only. All visitors, parents and band students are asked to use the front door.


Use of Front Doors and Assigned Doors at 11:45

Kindergarten students who are waiting for their parents at 11:45 will wait at the back door on chairs near the Kindergarten room unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher or administration. Doors are accessible from outside by Kindergarten parents in the morning and around dismissal time.

Students leaving for lunch will leave by their assigned doors unless accompanied by a parent.


Use of Assigned Doors and Front Doors at 3:30

Parents are always welcome to wait inside near the front doors. Please continue to remove your boots at the front entrance.

Students will continue to be asked to exit by their assigned doors if they take the bus, walk home, or meet a sibling to walk home (arrange a meeting location on the playground).

Students who are meeting their parents at 3:30 will be encouraged to meet their parents at an assigned location for pick-up. If the parent preference is to meet at the front door, students will be allowed to carry their boots to the front door and leave with their parents. Any student who is leaving the school by the front door must be accompanied by a parent.

There is a teacher supervisor at the bus lane from 3:30 to 3:45 to ensure student safety for bus students and students walking around that side of the school. If this is an issue, students can choose to walk around the kindergarten side of the school.


Use of Front Doors for After School Activities

Parents and students are invited to use the front door for after school activities. In most circumstances all other doors will be locked.


Reminder to Parents Regarding Handicap Parking

We do have some parents who require the handicap parking. Please be respectful of our parents with physical needs by refraining from parking in this particular area in front of the school. Thank-you.


Monitoring the cleanliness of the school- Monitoring ourselves- Reminding others

The removal of outdoor footwear will be monitored to ensure that the school is clean for the students, staff, parents and community members who use the school. Let’s work together. If you see someone with their boots on in the school, please remind them to take their boots off at the door. Thank-you.


Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mme Betson if you need clarification.


Mme LeBlanc


École Massey School

Communicating with Teachers

Communication is one  of the most important tools we have for working together to provide the best support we can for your child and our student.  People communicate in many ways. In most instances, the communication is positive and productive.  From time to time, parents do need clarification or do need to discuss a concern.  Email can be a very effective means of communciation for regular day to day information, but an email message dealing with a concern or clairification issue can also lead to misintrepetation of the intended message.  The lack of opportunitiy to have a real back and forth conversation can lead to hurt feelings and misunderstanding for one or both parties.

When there is a situation where there is a concern for your child or need for clarification, please consider contacting the teacher by telephone or by email to set up a meeting. In a face to face conversation, misinterpretation of the intended message is much more unlikely.  The opprotunity to get to know each other and share thoughts and ideas about your child can only lead to better understanding for all.   Thank-you for your support.

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