Cash on line and Power School Parent Portal

Hello everyone,

This message is a quick reminder to everyone to ensure that fees for activities and items are all paid up on School Cash on line.  If you have made arrangements to pay in cash with the office staff, please send in the exact outstanding amounts and identify the items or activities for which you are paying.  If you are new to the system and do not know what Cash on line is or how to access the program, please call the school administrative assistant, Erin Mulligan, for assistance [(306) 791-8504].  We are experiencing quite a large deficit at the moment and request that all events and items be paid up in the next few days.  Agendas for all students and Practical and Applied Arts Fees for Grade 6 to 8 students should already be paid as these were due in September.  Please check your child's account to clear up any outstanding fees. (

Power School Parent Portal is also available to parents.  Power School provides parents with the opportunity to view some results posted by the teachers as well as attendance.  Please contact the school administrative assistant to get the login and password for each of your children at




Mme LeBlanc-Fortier


École Massey School