Searching for a Boy's Basketball Coach

Hello everyone


École Massey School is looking for a boys`basketball coach for the upcoming season.  The season runs from January to mid-March.  Try-outs could begin before the holidays or in the first week of January.  Typically, the boys would practice twice per week (morning, noon, or after school).  We have a teacher representative who will be helping to coordinate, but  is unable to coach.  We have a number of boys who have signed up and are waiting to get started.  We were fortunate to have a community member volunteer to coach the girls`basketball team.  If you can help out with the boys' team, please contact me by email at  If you have any contact inforamtion for possible coaches from the university or from Campbell Collegiate, please contact me.

Thanks once again for all of your support in helping to provide opportunities for our students.


Mme LeBlanc-Fortier