Changes to Regina Public School SCHOOL BOUNDARIES (Realignment of School Attendance Areas): June 2 UPDATE:

Changes to school boundaries


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Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Dear parents of École Massey School,


As we look forward to the 2016-2017 school year, it is important to clarify some details about changes to boundaries that may impact Massey students, as the new joint school in Harbour landing opens in 2017-2018. The information will be of particular interest to parents of younger children and students in the early grades.


Students who are registered at École Massey School in Kindergarten and Grade 1 for the 2016-2017 school year and who reside in the new school boundary, have the option to attend either program in 2017.   Bussing will be provided only to the new school unless the student (K or Gr. 1) has an older sibling currently attending Massey and will therefore be grandfathered for transportation services. Please check the Regina Public Schools for all current boundary maps at this link:


This grandfather clause allows children from the same family to attend the same school with transportation services if required. The intent of this exception is to continue these children’s education in the same school until their elementary school years are completed. It is important to note that once the older siblings have left the school, if there is an address change, the new boundary rules would apply.

Students who reside in the new boundary area for the Harbour Landing school may choose to remain at École Massey School as an out-of-area student; however, no transportation services will be provided as per established procedures.


In the case of childcare, students who attend a childcare facility within the new boundaries of École Massey School can be provided with bussing (if the student qualifies). If childcare arrangements change and the child is no longer attending a childcare facility within the École Massey School boundaries, then the out-of area procedures come into effect.


I hope this helps explain some of the changes that parents and students may see as as result of the new École Massey boundary changes.



Mme LeBlanc-Fortier

Principal   École Massey School