First day of school... here's what's happening!

We look forward to seeing all of our students and new students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 at École Massey on Thursday morning, September 1st.  Kindergarten students have a staggered start.  We invite Kindergarten parents to find the date their child is attending in the letter that was sent out in June 2016.  If you were not registered by the end of June, please call the office to know if your child starts school on Thursday or Friday.

First Day of School Procedures:

All of our students including Kindergarten students will be meeting their teachers at the back of the school on the playground.  All teachers will be there to greet students and lead them to their appropriate grade grouping.  The class lists will be posted on the walls of the school. This is the same procedure we used last year.  If your child is new to the school, please have him/her follow this procedure.  Whether your child is riding the bus, walking or being driven to school, direct him/her to walk to the back of the school and look for class lists on the wall.  If your child cannot read, have them look for smaller students and head in that direction.  Teachers and teacher assistants will be looking for students who do not know where to go.  Your child will find a home.  Encourage your child to ask for help if they are confused.  We will have bus monitors to help direct new students to the appropriate area on the playground.


School Day:

The school day is as follows:       

      Supervision of students - 8:40

      School begins - 8:53

      Morning recess - 10:15-10:30

      Lunch hour - 11:45-12:30

      Lunch recess- 12:30-12:45

      Afternoon classes begin - 12:45

      Afternoon recess - 2:00-2:15

      School ends - 3:37 

Lunchroom:  To start the year, students will be allowed to stay for lunch for Sept. 1st and 2nd as we send out and collect the lunchroom forms.  On Sept. 1st all children from Grade 1 to Grade 8 will receive a personalized lunchroom form and parent letter.  The turnaround time to return these forms is extremely short.  We ask that the lunchroom form be returned on Sept. 2nd at the latest.  All students must return a lunchroom form as the information collected is necessary to the organization of our lunchrooms going forward. Thank-you in advance for your attention to this important form. There are no microwaves in the classrooms/lunchrooms.  Please send warm food in a thermos.  Please send your child with utensils as they are not provided.

We wish everyone a great first day of school.  See you on Thursday.

Mme LeBlanc-Fortier


École Massey School