12/08/2016 6:30 pm


To make the Winter Celebration a full success our teachers need some help from us, parents. The teachers requested 500 sugar cookies, colorful icing and cookie decorations for the Cookie Decoration Station.

We are looking for volunteers who can bake and donate two dozen or more sugar cookies, icing or cookie decorations.
Please contact Svetlana at  


This year we planning to have the Holiday Bazaar at the school Winter Celebration. The items that will be presented are made by the Massey students. All profits from the Bazaar will go for purchasing "The Gift of Hope" through "Plan International" ( please visit for a community that is not as well off as us. This way we will teach our students to realize how fortunate we are and to care about others.

We encourage our students and their parents to support this activity and show that we really care!

If your child wishes to participate in the Holiday Bazaar please contact Svetlana at 


Dear Massey families,

We will be having our Célébration d`hiver (Winter Celebration) next week!   December 8th from 6:30 to 8 pm, we will be opening École Massey School to all Massey families.

We will have a variety of activities open to families, including a photo booth, games, a café, and much more. The Massey choir will make an appearance, caroling in the halls for your enjoyment. Families will get a passbook as they enter the school, and are encouraged to gather participation stamps from as many activities as possible, in a carnival type atmosphere. There will be a small charge for a few activities (eg, refreshments, raffle tickets), but most are just participating in activities as a family in the different rooms of the school.  At the end of your visit, you can enter your passport for a prize draw.

A couple housekeeping items: For parking, please do not park in the teacher parking lot or the bus bay. To avoid a tripping hazard of shoes in the doorway, we ask all attendees to remove their boots as they come in the front door and carry them to the boot rack where their child puts their boots. Let’s keep our school clean!

We look forward to seeing you at our celebration!