How to Use Parent Portal To Support Your Child's Learning




Access ID and Access Password for Parent Portal

Parent Portal information can only be accessed with a specific access ID and Access Password attached to your child`s name on Parent Portal.  To obtain your child's access ID and Access Password, please contact the school administrative assistant.


Brief Description of the Navigation Toolbar

            Grades and Attendance: 

Grades and attendance are accessible at a glance for the school year.  Detailed attendance for the last week and current week and current week are shown.

By clicking on the total number of absences on the main screen, you can view the date and reason for each absence. 


For Grade 3 to 8, you will be able to view the tasks/assignments by clicking on the double hyphen under ‘Score’ or the grade for a course or subject area in the selected term.           


Our Grade 1 and 2 French Immersion Parent Portal information has a slightly different look from our Grade 3 to Grade 8 information.  You will be able to view the task/assignments by clicking on the double hyphen under “Score” for the name of the class (i.e. 1re année Immersion or 2e année Immersion) for the selected term. 


Once in the score screen, if the assignment/task has a description or comment entered, the assignment name will be a blue hyperlink enabling you to click on it. The description box could provide a description of the assignment or task, instructions, and a rubric or assessment tool. The individual comment entered could provide information on how your student   succeeded on the assignment in general, or on the outcome, rubric (see definition) or assessment tool.  Suggestions could be made for improvement.  In some cases, in consultation with the teacher, your child may be allowed to redo an assignment or a portion of an assignment to increase his learning and improve his grade.


            Standards Grades Tab:

Standard Grades is another term for Outcome Grades (see definition).  Click on  the Standard Grades tab to see information about a student`s outcome grades for the current term and/or school year.  By default, the outcomes displayed are  in ‘parent friendly language`.  By clicking on the outcome itself, you can view the Outcome Detail, which states the outcome as written in Saskatchewan Ministry of Education curriculum and the grade scale details.  A dash/blank for an outcome indicates that the outcome has not yet been assessed for that term.


For Grade 1 and Grade 2, the outcomes are not divided by subject area due to the nature of the integrated curriculum.  For Grades 3 to 8, the outcomes are currently divided by subject area for Mathematics, English and French.  Next year, the assessment division at the Regina Board of Education plans to have all outcomes for all subject areas from Gr. 3 to 8 uploaded to Gradebook and Parent Portal.  This will allow teachers to attach outcomes to assignments in all subject  areas.  It will provide more detailed information for students and parents in all subject areas.


Brief Description of the Interpretation of Grades in our New Report Card and Parent Portal

 We will no longer be providing grades on assignments on Parent Portal for Gr. 1 & 2 and for Math, English and French in Gr. 3 to Gr. 8.  Outcome grades will be provided on outcomes attached to each assignment.  In Grade 1 to 3, these grades will be BE- Beginning, PR-Progressing, ME-Meeting, ET-Extensive.  In Grade 4 to 8, these grades will be IN- Insufficient Evidence, D- Beginning, C- Progressing, B-Meeting, or A- Extensive to coincide with the rubric described on the first page of the report card or in the outcome description.  These outcome grades will provide information to students and parents about the level of knowledge achieved in relation to each outcome for that assignment.  These grades are not a grade for the assignment, but rather a  representation of what the student knows and can do as per the expectations for each particular outcome. 


For the remainder of this year, grades will be provided for assignments only (not outcomes) in for Gr. 3 to 8 in the following subject areas:  Health, Careers, Science, Social Studies, and Arts Education.  This is due to the fact that the outcomes for these subjects have not yet been uploaded.


It is important to remember that grades for outcomes from the beginning of a unit or term may be lower than the final result at the end of a unit or term for that same outcome.  This is to be expected in many cases.  Expectations for general outcomes    from the beginning of the year to the end of the year can also change as do the level of knowledge and achievement of students.  Not all assignments or grades will necessarily be used to generate a final grade for each outcome. The classroom teacher will determine which evidence of learning best represents your child`s learning on each        outcome and grade accordingly.


Another point to note is that Final Grades in Grade 3 to 8 subject areas will be determined at the end of each term and are used only as a way to average the Outcome Grades to conform to the grading program.  It is important to understand that  currently the best way to glean information from Parent Portal is to examine the comments in the assignments section and the grades on individual outcomes under the standards tab. In the near future, parents and students should be able to view   grades on outcomes attached to assignments.



Benefits of Using the Parent Portal

 The Parent Portal provides an opportunity for students and parents to keep up to date     on assignments and results.  The feedback provided by the teachers can be accessed by both students and parents to open up a conversation about student learning.  Teacher emails are provided under the subject area.  If clarification about a homework         assignment is required, the student and/or parent can contact the teacher early on to avoid confusion and incomplete or late assignments. Parents are then in a better  position to ask questions to their child and review their work.  A discussion could then  follow between teacher, student and parent to see how assessed work could be improved and resubmitted for re-assessment.  This regular exchange of information would ensure that there are no surprises and that students are able to improve their learning and results.  Research shows that student learning improves dramatically when feedback is consistent and immediate, when students take responsibility for their learning and when parents are directly involved in their child`s learning. 




The learning expected of students in Saskatchewan is defined by curriculum outcomes for each grade.

Outcomes define what a student is expected to know and be able to do at the end of the elementary school grade or high school course.

Here is a link to the Ministry document for parents wanting to learn about outcomes and renewed curriculum in depth.\




A rubric is an assessment tool that clearly indicates marking criteria. Your child’s teachers might use rubrics for marking assignments,

class participation, or overall grades.


Teachers decide (sometimes in collaboration with students) on what criteria or essential elements must be present in the student’s work to ensure that it is high in quality and develops descriptions of what performance looks like at several levels of achievement. Rubrics help both teachers and students become more objective when assessing learning.